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Cloud Accounting Pricing

  • Tax Return & financials
    per month
  • BAS lodgement service
    per month
  • Bookkeeping service
    per month
  • Full accounting function
    per month

Why you'll love Xero

Benefits include:

  • Data files, gone: Because Xero is an online accounting software, no more hassle of sending disks or transferring large accounting data files.
  • Version control issues, gone: Xero eliminates any 'version control' issues that can happen when sending your accounting data file to your accountant.
  • Data entry drastically reduced: Xero automatically brings 'live feeds' from your bank account and credit card statements into Xero. No need to manually enter bank transactions!
  • Mobility, flexibility, lifestyle: You'll love this one. You can access your accounting data and management dashboard in Xero from anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. This means a more flexible lifestyle in running your business!
  • Free online support: Xero includes free online support and their training resources are world class. This means it's easy to find answers and get up to speed with Xero.
  • No more expensive server costs: As all your data is stored on the XERO cloud there is no need to stress over maintaining and backing up the data stored on your business server.
  • Who ever thought accounting software could be so good?

    If you'd like to talk with us about getting started with Xero, Contact us